The 'SlayzBundles Boutique Hair Company LLC Brand does not tolerate credit card fraud. No expense will be spared and all fraud, without exception, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The charge that will appear on YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT will be “SlayzBundles or “SlayzBundles Boutique Hair Company LLC.” If you place a chargeback with your credit card company (on purpose or by mistake) for any order that you placed and received, there will be a $75.00 research fee charged to your account upon receiving the chargeback by our merchant provider to cover our investigative expenses to prove that you did make the purchase. In addition, we will pursue civil legal action seeking any loss of income related to the fraud, including business, legal fees, research costs, employee down time and loss of revenues. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE - If you do not remember making the purchase - call the number on your statement next to the charge BEFORE calling your bank.

We log IP strings on all orders - any orders coming back as a chargeback due to fraudulent activities will be diligently pursued through your local jurisdiction for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. If you have been a victim of a fraudulent charge, please cancel your credit card and fax a copy of your filed police report.

The SlayzBundles Boutique Hair Company LLC
( considers credit card charge backs to be fraud if you have made no reasonable effort to notify us by phone that a problem existed, or to resolve or clarify a situation or matter. All frivolous chargeback’s not only cost our employees time away from our usual and customary matters of conducting normal business, but cost us money. The customer must attempt to return any and all merchandise before attempting a chargeback. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Customers who file charge back's will not be able to use credit cards for future purchases