• E-Book("How To Start Your Own Business The Right Way"

E-Book("How To Start Your Own Business The Right Way"

This E-Book "How To Start Your Own Business The Right Way'" we are giving you 23 Business Topic that will help you with your business journey.

The 23 Topics that will be discuss in this E-Book

I. Introduction About Us

Topic 1-3

      : Use the time you have available

      :Identify a business idea   

  :Validate your business idea

Topic 4-5

      :Find a business name     

:Make a Business Plan

Topic 6-7

      :Develop your product or service

      :Understand business finances

Topic 8-9

      :Pick a business structure

      :Research licenses and regulations

Topic 10

      :Select your software systems

      Topic 11

      :How to get your Vendor license/Seller Permit ?

Topic 12-13

      :Whats the difference between a Vendor/Seller Permit and Business License?     

:Whats the best way to Fund your Business?

Topic 14-15

      :What is Trademark", How to Trademark your Business?

      :How to get your EIN#?

Topic 16-17

      : What do you need to open up a business account ?    

: Do you have to pay sale tax?

Topic 18-19

      : What is a DUNs number?

      :How to build your business credit/PAYDEX Score?

Topic 20-21

      :Why is it best to get a PayPal Business Account   

  :How to get a Shopify Capital Loan/PayPal Capital Loan

Topic 22-23

      :Where to find your products to sell?

:Profit Margin?

  • $9.00
  • $29.00
  • - $20.00